Friday, April 13, 2007

Peço desculpa a quem não percebe inglês...

... Mas este texto era demasiado engraçado oara deixar passar. Encontrei-o algures pela net há uns anos, quando pesquizava no google: «I hate Goths». E, para que não restem dúvidas, eu considero-me gótica, assim acho este texto duplamente engraçado, porque está cheio de bacoradas. Uma pequena expliocação, para quem não sabe: em inglês, goth refere-se tanto à subcultura, como ao povo que chamamos os godos.

Goths and Vampirism

Goths are well known to be a troubled, sombre people. They are common in our cities, schools, and even universities, dressed in black, the color of evil and forming strange cliques that no normal person can penetrate or even understand. As the many incidents of school violence in America today have shown, Goths can be very dangerous because they worship a certain type of evil and have no respect for the rule of law.

The history of Goths goes back a long way, back to pre-Christian times. When they were expanding their empire to the Rhine, the Romans first stumbled on their perfidious influence. The Germans, that brutal race, were forced against the borders of the Roman Empire again and again by the Goths behind them pushing them on. Originally a far eastern people, the Goths came down from the steppes of Russia to mainland Europe about 200 AD, and started harassing the Romans, the font of civilization. The Romans had a fatal lack of judgment however; instead of sallying forth to destroy the insidious Goths when they had the chance, they settled on a policy of resistance and non-expansionism.

A fatal mistake. When Rome burned under the hands of the barbarian Goths in the fifth century, the light of civilization went out across Europe and the Dark Ages followed.

Now, in modern America, we find that the Goths are back and their aims are even worse than before. This time the dark hordes have been brought up in civilization, but have chosen to reject it. They use the internet, word of mouth and extreme peer pressure to spread their creed and worldview across the high schools of America and beyond. Goths hate learning and civilization. They hate schools and decent, honest, ambitious children so much that they have started to shoot them. They turn their backs on learning and reasonable, Christian behavior, preferring to worship barbaric practices - Goths love death, magick, mysticism and indeed anything they can use to attack normal society with.

Even more shockingly, many Goths are vampires (or as they term it, vampyres.) They adore going out at night, kidnapping young virgins (virgins are much prized in Goth culture, though hard to find) and sucking their blood. Of course, this tends to get them into trouble with the law, so they have formed vampire donor groups, where they suck innocent young people into voluntarily donating their blood.

Goths also deny their sex. They consider themselves androgynous. This is so perverted it is unreal - and it explains why so many of them insist on wearing concealing clothes and adopting strange, asexual names. Where good Christian women know their place and live as good homemakers in the nest, female Goths like to defy their feminine nature and behave in extremely aggressive ways.

Indeed, the entire Goth scene is all about power. Nothing is more gratifying to a Goth than to gain control over someone, and their sexual games are wrapped up in power and domination/submission. Once they have honed their power wielding and intimidation abilities, older Goths use them ruthlessly to recruit new Goths into the path of darkness. Many a true-blooded Christian has been seduced by the thought of power over others, or the thought of being in the thrall of another. All Goths are either megalomaniacs or degenerate wretches. Handcuff sales in Goth-rich cities such as Austin, Texas, are up to three times higher than in cities with no noticeable Goth scene, like Seattle Washington.

Goths are disturbingly sex-crazed. No practice is too perverted for them - they far prefer the beast of one back to the beast of two, and they have no concept or understanding of monogamy or partnership. Raw, animal sex is all they understand, with as many partners as they can get. One would almost feel sorry for them, and their lack of understanding of the power and pleasure of love, were it not for them deserving condemnation for their wicked lustfulness.

You may think that many Goths just like the scene because they get to dress up in many cool shades of black and meet people who share their interests, but in actual fact the world of the Goth is utterly subversive and incredibly dangerous. I spoke to a young man named Kevin * who was in the Goth scene for 15 years, from the age of 12. Here is a short transcript:-

What made you become a Goth?

Kevin: When I was just about a teenager, I hated school and learning, and hated going to church. One day, on a Sunday when I was supposed to be at church but instead was hiding in the graveyard outside, I fell in with a group of Goths. They seemed really rebellious to me, wearing all black and having contempt for learning but an interest in strange things, like magick and Nazi SS memorabilia.

What happened to your school performance after you became a Goth?

Kevin: My school performance immediately plummeted. The Goths all insisted that school was for people who weren't 'free thinkers' and they filled me with hate toward my fellow schoolchildren. They thought they were 'apart' and better than everyone else. I never studied, and only read about magick and vampirism if I read at all. It was a terrible period of my life.

What happened after you left school?

Kevin: New York called out like a siren to me - a notable city of deviants. I was drawn to it and the Goth community there. Goths are all into BDSM and the more extreme ones became Vampires. It was this I was attracted to and I got involved in.

Did you have any experiences in the Vampire community?

Kevin: Yes, I was enticed into the Vampire community, which is just the logical conclusion and destination of the Goth scene. It started innocently - I was approached in a club (the 'Torture Gardens') and asked to be a donor by a friend who I trusted at the time. Before long I was donating blood to Vampires - we would meet up, and they would cut my jugular with a razor and suck a good pint off. After a while, things got worse and I was asked to participate in 'bloodsports' - disgusting sexual games and perversions with fresh human blood as the main theme. It was after one night of this, in 1998, when, feeling weak and emaciated (having sucked on and been sucked upon) that I realized how far I had fallen.

How did you get out of the Goth community?

Kevin: When I realized how low I had become, I started to investigate again the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth our Lord and Savior, who died for our sins. I realized that Jesus will forgive all, even those who worship Satan by proxy, such as Goths. I became a born again Christian and renounced the ways of Goths for all time. At first it was hard - Goths insist on trying to make everyone think like them, and are not above using physical violence and casting Wiccan spells to impose proper thought. I had to leave New York. Now that I have found the Lord I work as a missionary in the Goth community, encouraging Goths to renounce the ways of Satan and affirm their faith in the Lord.

So there we see that Goths are extremely subversive. Not content with Vampirism, blood sucking and worshipping Satan by proxy, they insist on proselytizing and attacking all free thinkers and lovers of Jesus. The question is, what can be done to stop them? Simple.

Wearing of black banned in all schools. Goths prey upon the young and weak - no right thinking adult would become a Goth, so they depend on hoodwinking immature minds to spread their deviant, dangerous creed. Like Scots with tartan or Jews with skullcaps, it is well known that stomping out the clothing of the creed harms the creed itself. We must fight fire with fire - we must not lose the raging battle for the minds of our children.

More Christian education in schools. The fact that these demonic ways of thinking are spreading among adolescents is entirely due to the lack of proper religious education in schools. Beelzebub, through his high school intermediaries, is filling the gap and turning the minds of our children to poison.

All people suspected of being Goths should have their blood counts regularly measured. If there is a shortfall, clearly they must be participating in Vampiric and Goth-like behaviour, in which case they can be sent to a place of Christian re-education.

No cliques allowed in schools. If we look at high school 'jocks' we can see that they provide a wonderful role model for our children. We should elevate them to a position above other children and encourage all children to be like them.

Ban long hair. It is well-known that long hair is not Christian. No followers of Jesus ever had long hair, so all those with collar length or longer hair are under suspicion, except for girls, for whom the converse applies.

Goth music, like the Sisters of Mercy, the Cure, and so on must be completely stamped out. We should encourage decent Godly music like 'Yesterday' by Paul McCartney or Handel's Messiah. It has been shown that the music Goths listen to promotes depression and antisocial behavior.

Ear piercings, tattoos etc., banned. Another hallmark of the Goth is bodily modification. This is because they don't respect the body God gave them, and eventually they hate it. So they seek to 'improve' it with beastly decorations and implants. This must be stopped so we can have a reasonable, whole society again.

It is only by righteous and tough love that we will exterminate this warped creed from the minds of the young. Let there be a mighty awakening across America and a damnation of all heathens and unbelievers such as Goths.



Mamã Martinho said...

Bem, pelo que li (e confesso que não li tudo) pareceu-me que estavam a falar de outra coisa que não dos Góticos. Do pouco que conheço não me parecem nada o que referem, muito menos vampiros, lol. Essa foi o máximo!



Celina said...

Esse texto é hilariante. Não resisto a ser também preconceituosa como o autor, e aposto que foi escrito por um daqueles americanos ultra-conservadores lá dos confins da América que ainda insistem que o criacionismo devia ser ensinado nas escolas e a teoria da evolução abolida. Por favor... Tudo o que é extremista é mau, seja a apologia do mal seja a apologia obcecada do bem e dos valores morais e cristãos.

Apesar de não ser uma gótica, acho muito interessante essa "filosofia" de vida (à falta de palavra melhor) e identifico-me com alguns aspectos.
Gostei imenso de descobrir essa tua faceta e ainda mais que a partilhasses. Assim vamos conhecendo quem está por detrás dos blogs. Dificilmente esse(a) senhor(a) ia pensar que uma gótica pudesse ter um blog intitulado Cantinho dos Lavores. Ora aí está no que dão as ideias feitas e as mentes fechadas...

Um beijinho

Laura said...

Mamã Martinho: Pois é, mas estavam mesmo a falar dos góticos. Para certos norte-americanos, qualquer pessoa que demonstre ter vontade própra e não seja católica, é logo rotulada de demoníaca e afins...

Celina:Dificilmente esse(a) senhor(a) ia pensar que uma gótica pudesse ter um blog intitulado Cantinho dos Lavores. Ora aí está no que dão as ideias feitas e as mentes fechadas.... Quase caí da cadeira ao ler o que escereveste, lol, realmente as pessoas conseguem ser muito perconceituosas e eu já senti isso na pele mais que uma vez.

Anonymous said...
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